Welcome to U.S. Trade & Management Services, Inc.

Welcome to USTM, engaged in trade & management services, headquartered in Illinois, USA. Company’s core business activities are in electronics, engineering & healthcare products & management services. Cutting-edge technologies, bespoke solutions for plant & machinery alongwith product sourcing. USTM carries a much-diversified range of brands & products to serve our valued customers.  

Since 2001, we are trusted name for our global vendors & customers across regions. USTM is a multi-faceted organization offering various solutions to its esteemed customers across globe in various specialized fields. At USTM we can handle all your supply chain requirement for smooth & hassle-free business operations, you can count on our professional services which can help you to compete in global market.


Market Verticals

Our market verticals include:

  • International Trade
  • Healthcare & Bio-Med Supplies
  • Management Consultants
  • Real Estate Development Projects
  • IT Solution & Risk Management

Healthcare Division 

Healthcare is one division deals in medical & lab equipment supplies. We have a long business relationship with vendors of repute with all compliances which primarily required by the respective healthcare regulators.

  • Datex Instruments Inc.
  • Four Star Electronics
  • Black Diamond
  • PEI Genesis Inc.
  • Mini-Circuits Missouri Inc.
  • RENAISSANCE (Electrical Materials)
  • Welch Allyn
  • Soma Technology

IT Solution And Risk Management 

We standby to eliminate the unseen business challenges by providing solid technological foundations. Understanding the technological risks and vulnerabilities attached to today’s corporate environment is critically imperative. Mitigating these ever-changing risks necessitates highly resilient compliance standards and adequate IT security. We help to mitigate these severe business risks with a number of our  services, including:

  • End-to-end security landscape
  • Tire 4 data center consultancy
  • Data security
  • Backup consolidation
  • Communication & FCC compliance

Our experts have been providing support and professional guidance in protecting your vital information in different industry verticals. In addition, we are involved in laying a solid data governance framework, risk forecasting, and a concrete strategy roadmap against technological standards.  

Authorized Officers

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